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Ohana Asset Research and Recovery specializes in finding heirs to the oldest and most difficult accounts specializing in Asset Research and Recovery for Estates and Trusts that have been dormant for many years, sometimes decades.  With our extensive knowledge and experience in this field we are able to provide superior services to our clients.

At Ohana Asset Research and Recovery, we understand the importance of recovering lost or unclaimed family assets. Our team of professionals utilizes advanced research techniques and cutting-edge AI technology to locate and recover assets for individuals, businesses, and organizations. We are committed to delivering accurate and efficient results, ensuring that our clients receive the maximum benefits they are entitled to. Trust us to handle your asset research and recovery needs with the utmost professionalism and confidentiality.

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Asset Recovery and Research Services

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Unclaimed Asset Research

Our team specializes in locating assets that have been unclaimed for decades ensuring you receive every dollar that your ohana worked for and saved. 

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Asset Tracing and Recovery

We extensively search all state and national databases to claim every dollar that is rightfully your family's. 

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Financial Asset Discovery

Most claims are over $25K so as high as $350K.

Asset Recovery Consultation

We offer professional web conference consultations to maximize the chance of successful recovery.

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Ohana Asset Research and Recovery is your trusted partner when it comes to finding lost family assets. We specialize in locating and recovering lost or unclaimed assets for individuals, businesses, and organizations. With our extensive knowledge and expertise, we diligently navigate both local and national databases to uncover hidden assets and ensure rightful ownership is restored. At Ohana Asset Research and Recovery, we understand the importance of securing what is rightfully yours. Whether it's dormant bank accounts, unclaimed inheritances, or other abandoned funds, we go above and beyond to reunite you with your assets, providing peace of mind and maximizing your financial potential. Trust Ohana Asset Research and Recovery to bring clarity to the complex world of asset research and recovery, and let us help you reclaim what is rightfully yours.

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